Periodontal diseases are diseases that affect the tissues supporting the teeth, bone, gums, and ligament.


non surgical therapy

In approximately 80% of cases, non Surgical treatment can be sufficient to treat periodontal disease depends on the type and progression of the disease.


surgical therapy

In some cases of more severe disease, surgical treatment can be necessary. It will always prefer a non-surgical treatment when the prognosis is similar.


tissue regeneration

In some cases of severe, tissue regeneration treatment can correct the effects of the disease in order to reconstruct the support of teeth.


bacteria analyses

In some cases, additional analyzes can be proposed in order to make an accurate diagnosis and evaluate your response to treatment.


periodontal supportive therapy

In all cases of periodontal disease, supportive therapy is strictly necessary in order to control and prevent a recurrence.


periodontal plastic surgery

The position and appearance of your gums is a major criteria for the smile aesthetics. Many techniques of plastic surgery of the gums can be currently achieved.