Dental implants are titanium artificial roots use to replace missing teeth.


conventional implantation

Dental implants placed in bone volume and adequate environment adapted to the gingival perinity and aesthetics of the future prosthetic restoration.


Immediate implantation after extraction

Dental implants placed directly on the day of the extraction of the tooth.


Immediate loading

Dental implants require healing period of 2 to 3 months before putting in function the prosthesis. In some cases, the immediate implantation, and sometimes the function of the prosthesis can be achieved directly.


aesthetics management

Mimetism and the durability of implant reconstructions in time is a daily challenge in implantology. Many tissue management techniques exist to achieve an aesthetic integration of dental implants.


Peri-implantitis treatment

Treatment of diseases of the tissues supporting implant.


Correction of implant failures

Treatment of implant failures. Correction of aesthetic defects, position. Correcting the position and appearance of the gum. Removing implants, and reconstruction after removal.